Call for Editors – Art Histories Supplement 2.0

Art Histories Supplement 2.0 e-journal

Art Histories Supplement 2.0, previously Art History Supplement ( aims to continue working at for a free, academic, and open access art historical research. Published on-line in printable form and using the English language as a lingua franca, Art Histories Supplement 2.0 hopes to bring two times a year (January and August) new seminal papers, documents and material to the field of art history studies. Guest editors are, therefore, being solicited.

Guest editors are to be responsible for:

  • proposing a call for papers,
  • the appropriate open communication of the call for papers,
  • the final selection of papers,
  • writing an editorial,
  • sending papers, images – copyright cleared – and the editorial to the editor, at least, two months prior the intended publication date.

Respond to this call for expression of interest for guest editors to YannisTzortzakakis at itzortzak @


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