The Association of Greek Art Historians (EEIT) was founded in 2001. Its thirty six founding members included academics as well as curators of collections in public and private museums. To this date, the association has grown to include more than one hundred and fifty members – almost the entire body of professionals active in the field of art history in Greece. EEIT’s members can be found especially at universities and other institutions of higher education as faculty and graduate students; at cultural institutions and museums; members also include independent scholars, researchers and curators.


EEIT is a nonprofit membership organization that promotes the study of art and its history(ies). The aims of EEIT, as these are delineated in its constitution, include: the establishment of art history as a distinct field of study in the public sector in Greece; the support and promotion of the scholarly work of its members; the facilitation of an academic exchange among its members as well as members of the international community; the promotion of the study of Modern Greek art; the enhancement of the appreciation of art and its interpretation(s) from a wider audience; the institutional recognition and promotion of the professional rights of Greek art historians.


EEIT has organized four National Conferences, which took place in Athens (2005, 2012, 2016) and Thessaloniki (2007). The proceedings of the conferences are published by the association; proceedings of past conferences are available either in hard copy or in digital format at the website of EEIT. It also organizes one-day colloquia, round table discussions and lectures, by members of the association and the wider scholarly community. In its effort to reach a wider audience, EEIT organizes a series of lectures/seminars offered by art historians of international renown. These lectures are open to the public. Speakers have so far included: Eric Anderson, Timothy J. Clark, Nicos Hadjinicolaou, Eric Michaud, Rudolf Preimesberger, Donald Preziosi, James M. Saslow, Ernst van de Wetering, Οtto Karl Werckmeister, Frank Zöllner.


Current Executive Board

President: Evgenios D. Matthiopoulos, Professor of Art History, University of Crete
Vice President: Angeliki Pollali, Associate Professor of Art History, Deree-The American College of Greece
Secretary: Titina Kornezou, Assistant Professor of Art History, University of Crete
Treasurer: Konstantinos J. Stefanis, PhD Art History, Benaki Museum – The Efstathios Finopoulos Collection
Member: Annie Kontogiorgi, Art historian PhD, Theatrologist, Head of the Department of Museums of Modern Cultural Heritage, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports,Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage
Member: Thodoris Koutsogiannis, PhD Art History, Chief Curator, Hellenic Parliament Art Collection
Member: Lia Yoka, Associate Professor of Art History, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki