Art History in Greece: Selected Essays

Evgenios D. Matthiopoulos ed., Association of Greek Art Historians, Melissa Publishing House, Αthens, 2018.

This collection of essays was conceived in relation to the Art History Festival 2018 (Festival de l’Histoire de l’art 2018), which takes place at Fontainebleau in France and this year honors Greece as its guest country. In view of Greece’s participation in the festival, EEIT initiated the publication of a collection of essays addressed specifically to the international community. The volume offers a concise overview of the discipline of art history in Greece: a history of its inception, its institutional development and current trends in the field. It includes essays by Nikos Daskalothanassis, Evgenios D. Matthiopoulos, Lefteris Spyrou, Areti Adamopoulou, and Aris Sarafianos on the history of the art historical discipline and relative studies in Greece as well as the historiography of Greek art history. It also includes a brief history of EEIT written by Annie Kontogiorgi and Angeliki Pollali.

The volume was presented at the Art Book Fair of the Art History Festival at Fontainebleau, June 1-3, 2018 and it is available from Melissa Publishing House.