Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions have been drafted by the Society of Greek Art Historians (hereinafter called “E.E.I.T.”), which is the owner of the domain name eeit.org (hereinafter called “the Website”) and concern the use of the Website.

Said natural and/or legal person (hereinafter called “the user/guest”) attests to the fact that the use of the Website in general constitutes unconditional acceptance of the following terms. Furthermore, said person declares that provided that they make use of the Website it is presumed that they are fully aware of the following conditions, by which they are consequently bound.

The Website is solely intended for persons (natural and/or legal) with full legal capacity to enter into legally binding contracts within the framework of the legislation in force. The legal use of the Website, content and its applications by minors is only to be made under the supervision of their legal guardians. If, nonetheless, underage users voluntarily visit webpages with inappropriate/offensive/immoral content, which is impossible to be constantly monitored, the Website accepts no responsibility.

The navigation, access or use of the Website and of any services provided thereby, creates the presumption that the user/guest has considered, understood and accepted all terms and conditions. In the event that the user/guest does not agree with the terms and conditions, he should not use the Website and the services and/or its content.

E.E.I.T. reserves all right to unilaterally amend said terms without notice to the user/guest. Any amendment shall enter into force following its announcement in a post on the Website, while using the Website subsequently to such amendments constitutes consent on behalf of the user/guest, to the amendments, additions and deletions that have occurred.

Intellectual and Industrial Property of the content

The Website’s content (program, informational material of any kind, data, software, graphics, trademarks, brands, logos etc.) is the intellectual and industrial property of E.E.I.T. and is protected by the applicable national, community and international law. Any amendment, publication, streaming, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation, connection, download, or any whatsoever re-use and exploitation, of the whole or part of the Website`s content, is strictly prohibited, by whatever means and on whatever medium, without their prior express and written consent. E.E.I.T. reserves all rights in case of any violation of said condition.

The Website’s content is made available to their user/guest exclusively for personal use, expressly prohibiting any commercial or business exploitation thereof. Any third parties’ intellectual property or services that may be mentioned in said Website and bear trademarks of the respective organizations, companies, cooperating entities, associations or publications, remain the intellectual and industrial property of said parties.

The user/guest understands and accepts that the right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and/or commercially exploit in any way the whole or part of the Website’s content is not provided. If, however, they choose to act in such a manner, they accept their sole responsibility of compensating the abovementioned natural and/or legal persons – owners of the intellectual and industrial property rights.

Etiquette of the Members of E.E.I.T. and Users/Guests of the Website

It is mutually accepted and understood that all posts, publications, information, data, texts, graphics, photographs, pictures, music files, video and audiovisual files in general, messages and all content, whether it is publicly posted or privately transferred, remains at the sole responsibility of the natural or legal person from whom it derives.

This means that the members of E.E.I.T. are solely responsible for all and any content that they post, publish, send, transfer or otherwise make available through the services of the Website.

E.E.I.T. is not capable, due to the size of the Website, to monitor the entire content posted by its members, and therefore, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, legitimacy, or the quality of said content. In no way can E.E.I.T. be held responsible for whatsoever errors or omissions in any content or for any damage or harm that may occur from the use of any content which is posted, sent, transferred or otherwise made available from the members of E.E.I.T. in the Website.

The members of E.E.I.T. agree and accept full and sole responsibility in relation to the following:

  1. Posting, publishing, sending, transferring or otherwise installing content which is illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting, injurious, discrediting, vulgar, violent, abusive, racist or otherwise unacceptable, which is violating the right relating to the personality or the personal data of others, or infringing any copyrights and/or intellectual property rights of any natural or legal person and/or any whatsoever criminal offence and any other form of unwanted promotion of content, as well as content that includes digital viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to intervene, destroy or restrict the function of any software or computer peripherals or telecommunications equipment.
  2. Harming minors in any way.
  3. Counterfeiting or otherwise distorting the E.E.I.T. member’s identification, in order to create misconceptions regarding the origin of the content that is transmitted through the Website’s services.
  4. Posting, publishing, sending, transferring or otherwise installing content from a person that is not entitled, by law or by confidential relationship, to make said content available.
  5. Infringing, with or without intention, on any regional, national, European, international legislation and/or any rule that holds legislative power also relating to and/or covering any of the Website’s services.
  6. Harassment of any kind of the private life and the personal or social rights of other members of E.E.I.T. and users/guests (such as the collection and/or storage of personal data of other members of E.E.I.T. and users/guests).

The members of E.E.I.T. and users/guests understand and accept that E.E.I.T. does not conduct a preliminary search of the Website’s content, but also that E.E.I.T. reserves the right (and not the obligation) to exclusively choose to deny to post/publish or transfer or to delete any content that is made available through the Website’s services. In addition, E.E.I.T. reserves the right to delete without any warning any content which is in breach of these terms and conditions.

Use of web links in third parties’ websites.

In the event that the Website provides now or in the future accessibility to third parties’ Websites through links, this would happen solely for the purpose of facilitating their users/guests, while the use of said links shall be carried out under the sole responsibility of the latter and the respective websites shall be subject to their own terms and conditions, for which E.E.I.T. is in no way responsible. E.E.I.T. does not guarantee the availability of third parties’ websites and does not approve of nor is responsible for the content, validity, legitimacy, completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the information nor for the quality and the properties of products or services, which are provided by said persons through the abovementioned websites. E.E.I.T. is, also, not responsible for errors or malfunctions in third parties’ websites, as well as for any damage the users experience by accessing and using the information, services and products provided, therein.

Use of Non-Personal Data

E.E.I.T. does not process personal data of the user/guest in any way, especially those mentioned in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In any case, non personal user identification data of the users may be collected from the Website, using respective technologies, such as cookies and/or Internet Protocol (IP) tracking. Non-personal data may also include the browser type that the user/guests uses, the type of computer, its operating system, the internet providers and other information of this kind. Furthermore, E.E.I.T.’s system may automatically collect information relating to the locations visited by the user/guest and relating to third parties’ website links that may be clicked during the use of the Website. The user/guest may configure his web browser in such a way that he is either notified on the use of cookies for particular services or that he will not allow the use of cookies in any way. In case that the user/guest of these services and websites does not wish to allow the use of cookies for his identification he will not be granted further access to these services.

Every user/guest is required to take all necessary security measures (i.e. virus protection software) prior to any downloading from the Website. Any cost occurring from potential adjustments or repairs, are borne by the user/guest, and in no case by E.E.I.T. .

Limitation of liability

E.E.I.T. is not, under any circumstances, including the case of negligence, to be held responsible by the user/guest or any third party for any kind of damage, direct or indirect, positive or negative, relating in any way to the use of the Website, its navigation and to the use of services or information provided thereby, which he carries out on his own initiative and being fully aware of the terms and conditions mentioned herein. The contents of the Website are provided “just as they are” without any guarantee expressed and/or incurring in any way.

E.E.I.T. has no responsibility for the posts and published content by their members, who have a personal account for posting and generally publishing content on the Website.


Members of E.E.I.T. understand and accept that they assume exclusive responsibility to compensate E.E.I.T. for any legal dispute that may arise between them and third parties because of content that they will make available to post, publish, or otherwise transfer through the Website. This is valid, indicatively and non-exhaustively, and in case of any possible infringement of third parties’ copyrights and/or intellectual property rights.

Greek Laws are applicable for the use of the Website, and the Courts of Athens are competent.